I graduated from the Moscow State Academy of Arts named after V.I. Surikov (2012) and the Institute of Contemporary Art Moscow (2015).
I am a three time winner of the Grant for the Young Artists from the Ministry of Culture of the Russian Federation (2013, 2015, 2019).
Ideologist and one of the organizers of the fem art festival -KA, summer 2019, Winzavod Center for Contemporary Art, Moscow, Russia.
I participated in public artist talks mostly about aspects of feminism in contemporary art and one round table Prospective steps of a creation center in order to unleash artists creativities, GCC, South Korea.

Selected exhibitions: Just shadows in the cave, Gyeonggi Creation Center, South Korea; EMINENT DOMAIN, Robert Miller Gallery, New York, USA (2018); Objectified 2018, Tsong Institute of Contemporary Art Museum, South Korea (2018); Chrom-art, OXO Tower, London, England (2017); Modern Mosaics of Moscow, Museum of Moscow, Moscow, Russia (2017). I’m a member of the Union of Artists of Russia (2013), UNESCO (2018) and YRA!(Young russian art curators community)(2020). My works are in the collection of the State Museum of Fine Arts, Kazan, Russia.

One of the ten semifinalists open call Alternative Loop Space, Seoul, South Korea (2019).
I won a participation in the residence Open Studios, CCA Winzavod, Moscow, Russia (2018-2019).
Collaborated with film companies as an artist consultant, Black Rest episodic stream, HBO (USA), 2018; Smile, music video Jay-Z, SMUGGLER (USA), 2017, the track Smile was the winner of two Grand Prix awarded by Cannes Lions in the category of Entertainment Lions for Music.

Artist statement

I’m mixing hight art and low art in my works. For me it is important to change the accents, shifting emphasis, overall values. I’m building a context based on a cross-disciplinary approach to reflect the modern world. I work in different media from video art to installations, sculptures, painting. An important part of my artistic practice is the direct quoting of the urban environment surrounding me. 

I use “pieces of streets” in my works: marble, granite, asphalt, natural pigments, glass, gypsum, concrete, clay.

I work with the problem of the interaction of body and space in a modern media environment. One of the biggest interests to my artistic research is the people as a media. Our contemporary culture through images provides us with models of the social: what it means to be a man, a woman, a successful,a loser, a strong or weak. I, as an artist, deliberately move away from the patterns imposed behaviors.

In my artistic studies, the human’s body always becomes more than a rhetorical figure. It concentrates accents that go beyond the fictitious representation of reality and the widespread body image as the carrier of the basic characteristics of perception (gender, sexual orientation, nationality).

I am interested in the corporeality of consciousness, the fundamental dependence of the structures of subjectivity on the bodily constitution, “not a single thought, not a single cultural achievement, not a single form of human activity could have taken place without a body as its source”. A critical examination of the human body becomes a condition for understanding the diverse forms of a person’s relationship to himself, to another, to the world.

The total impact of information and communication technologies on the daily life of a person leads to a change in the understanding and experience of a person with his own body. And all this is due to the fact that “all this belonged to us.” In this contexts I’m mixing archaic and contemporary.


2020 - Salzburg International Summeracademy of Fine Arts, Salzburg, Austria

2018 - Introduction to User Experience Design, Georgia Institute of Technology, USA

2012 -Moscow State Academic Institute named V.Surikov. class professors Eugenii Maximov and Ivan Lubennikov


Awards and grants:

2020 - grant to attend the course „Albatross on the Fortress” at the Summer Academy, under the direction of Noële Ody / Toni Schmale, Salzburg, Austria
2020 - One of the 3 shortlisted artists of Ongoing AIR AWARD, Tokyo, Japan
2013 - 15 - 2019 - Laureate of grant for young artist of the Ministry of Culture Russian Federation 

2019 - One of the 10 semifinalists of open call Alternative Loop Space, Seoul, South Korea.

2018 - 2019 - won a participation in the residence Open Studios, CCA Winzavod, Moscow, Russia 

2017 - finalist, #TRIBE17, Chrom-art, OXO Tower, London, UK
2017 - finalist, IV KAZAN INTERNATIONAL PRINTMAKING BIENNALE “RIDER”, The State Museum of Fine Arts of the Republic of Tatarstan, Kazan, Russia

2015-2016 - finalist, Shenzhen International Watercolor Biennial Exhibition, Shenzhen Art Museum, Shenzhen, China
Works are in the permanent collection of the State Museum of Fine Arts of the Republic of Tatarstan.

2020 - artist, Esquire magazine, Moscow, Russia

2018 - artist consultant, “Black rest” episodic stream, HBO
2017 - artist consultant, Smuggler, “Smile” music video Jay-Z Link


2019 - Gyeonggi Creation Center, Ansan, South Korea

2019 - Cite des Arts, Paris, France
2018 - Open Studios, CCA WINZAVOD, Moscow, Russia
2012 - The residence of the Russian Union of Artists Vyshny Volochyok, Russia
2011 - Castello di Boca, Kotor, Montenegro

Open talks, conferences:

2020 - DOCA-talk, festival DAYS OF CONTEMPORARY ART, IGUMO, Moscow, Russia
2020 - open talk Visual identity codes, Assemblage points, Peschanaya gallery, Moscow, Russia, paral- lel program of the 8th Moscow Biennale, Moscow, (RU)
2019 - round table Prospective steps of a creation center in order to unleash artists creativities, Gyeonggi Creation Center, South Korea
2019 - open talk Endless need or need of the Infinite, Library 118, Moscow, Russia
2019 - public talk with artist Masha Ivanova and creators of the feminist project Female Voice,
art residency Open Studios, CCA WINZAVOD, Moscow, Russia
2019 - public talk with artist Masha Ivanova and creators of the feminist project Female Voice,
art fem fest -KA, CCA WINZAVOD, Moscow, Russia

Author’s courses:

2020 - course NEW MEDIA IN CONTEMPORARY ART, 25 kadr gallery, Moscow, Russia


Member of the Union of Artists of Russia (2013), UNESCO(2018) and Yra!(Young russian art curators community)(2020).

Solo exhibition:

2019 - Just shadows in the cave, Gyeonggi Creation Center, Ansan, South Korea (with artist Ying-Tin, Taiwan)
2019 - Body-chromakey, Cite des arts, Paris, France

2018 - Elementary event space, Maxim Boxer gallery, Moscow, Russia (with artist A. Levina, Russia)

2015 - Antinomy, gallery “Open club”, Moscow, Russia


Selected exhibitions:

2020 - TemperatYRA, gallery Electrozavod, Moscow, Russia

2020 - FREEDOM / NONFREEDOM, OBDN.ru jointly with RBC Style, Moscow, Russia

2020 - Charity auction #Art4Belarus, AROUNDART.ORG, Russia
2020 - #60daysoflockdown, Luxelakes·A4 Art Museum, Chengdu, Sichuan, China

2020 - Artist Support Pledge, Beers gallery, London, UK


2019 - 2020 - Assemblage points, Peschanaya gallery, Moscow, Russia, parallel program of the 8th Moscow Biennale

2019 - Fragility, Artis gallery, WINZAVOD, Moscow, Russia

2019 - Crumple. Prick. Cook. Pouring., Museum Integration, Moscow, Russia

2019 - Mutatio, Library on Argunovskaya, Moscow, Russia

2019 - Endless need or need of the Infinite, Library 118, Moscow, Russia

2019 - Can you feel like women, Cite des arts, Paris, France
2019 - MUTATIO, PinkGrid, Library Argunovskay, Moscow, Russia
2019 - Common dinner, CCA Winzavod, Moscow, Russia
2019 - ART-BCE, PROUN gallery, Moscow, Russia


2018 - Elementary event space, Maxim Boxer gallery, Moscow, Russia

2018 - Monumental art of MMXVIII, Flacon art center, Moscow, Russia

2018 - TheArtPrize, Artwork Entry, online exhibition, London, UK
2018 - EMINENT DOMAIN, Robert Miller Gallery, New York, New York, USA
2018 - Swaddling, bandaging, wrapping in art, Mikhail Chemakin Foundation, St. Petersburg, Russia
2018 - Objectified 2018, CICA, Museum of Contemporary Art Institute Tsong, South Korea


2017 - IV KAZAN INTERNATIONAL PRINTMAKING BIENNALE “RIDER”, The State Museum of Fine Arts of the Republic of Tatarstan, Kazan, Russia
2017 - Chrom-art, OXO Tower, London, UK
2017 - SESSION_1, Gallery of Contemporary Art Center Mars, Moscow, Russia
2017 - Modern Mosaics of Moscow, The State Museum of Moscow, Moscow, Russia


2016 – Exhibition “How should look like a modern landscape?”, gallery “WORDSHOP”, centre for contemporary art WINZAVOD, Moscow, Russia
2016 - Art and Music festival “FORMA”, urban culture center “Pravda”, Moscow, Russia
2016 - Specters, Barba gallery, Moscow, Russia

2015-2016 - “Shenzhen International Watercolor Biennial Exhibition”, Shenzhen Art Museum, Shenzhen, China
2015 - “The monumental graphics”, Moscow Union of Monumental Artists, Moscow, Russia
2015 - Auction “Most”, Krasnodar, Russia
2015 - Art-market “Sorry, but that's not all!“, Echo14, Moscow, Russia
2015 - The safeness, ICA, Moscow, Russia
2015 - Young artists section of monumental-decorative art, Moscow Union of Artists, Moscow Finance Academy of Law, Moscow, Russia 


2014 - Exhibition "Time Ahead" in the "Central House of the Artist", Moscow, Russia 
2013 - Salon in the Central House of the Artist, Moscow, Russia 
2012 - Heirs of the Great Masters, Russian Academy of Arts, Moscow, Russia 
2012 - Exhibition of Young Artists, Moscow Union of Artists, Moscow, Russia 
2011 - International Salon "Montenegro", Kotor, Montenegro
2010 - Artists Union of Russia, Russian Young Artists, Moscow, Russia  
2008 - 2009- Hall Manege, Moscow, Russia 
2007 - Moscow Union of Artists, Moscow, Russia 
2005 - The graphics in fashion. From Slava Zaitsev to the present., gallery TXT, Moscow, Russia 


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